Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Euro Tour is starting!
Who is going?

Did you go?
What's the report?

Is the show different?

Is bunny evolving?

Any new information?

Let us know what you yer seeing at the shows!


Paulie said...

And hey, what's the merch over there?

Zachary said...

Hello folks! I saw the Rome show, but not having seen any US stops, I don't know what's different! Bunny Boy talked about going on the Euro tour to try to get to Greece (which were the next two stops) and said that Carson the psychic revealed to him that the correct Patmos was actually in Arkansas! But because he has to get to Spain to fly back on his return ticket he'll have to do the whole tour. (He also called a heckler an asshole!) The merch is the CDs, dogtag, Bunny Boy shirt, eyeball shirt with one-man-show-crazy quote on the back, hat, bunny nose, dog tag...that's all I remember. The venue was also selling the posters that they had made to promote the show (we bought one to go with the two CDs. Bunny Boy CD hasn't been relseased in Italy yet and like BB I don't have credit cards so I can't order it from the amazon).

RalphAmerica said...

I'm trying to find out!? Kind of joking. Mostly the same, but I think they made a black Rez for Prez shirt and did a ski cap with the newspaper logo on it. Otherwise there are dogtags, PfP discs, the Mute version of Bunny Boy, and the same tees (classic eye with bunny boy quote on back, the cerio designed shirt and the zipper hoodie with embroidery.)

RalphAmerica said...

By the way, I did hear the show was going to be a bit different. Obviously Bunny is a bit obsessed with greece (I actually heard they were having a hard time finding him before one show) and I think some of the music has changed a bit, though I'm not sure how.

wibz said...

bbc 6music have done a feature on ralph they mentioned fred frith chris cutler both of whom i love. they also mention chrome. who are they. where can i get their stuff? jerry verrier

Paulie said...

^ Re: Chrome, their three most acclaimed releases "Third From The Sun," "Alien Soundtracks" and "Half Machine Lip Moves" are currently in print and available at www.Noiseville.com.

There were a couple retrospective collection sets released by Cleopatra as well, usually pretty cheap, but I don't see them much.

It's all excellent.


I gotta try to score me a black Rez for Prez!

gunkldunk said...

I'm not sure if the Euro 'Rez 4 Prez' shirt is black... somebody else said it was red?

(either that, or they see a red shirt and they want it painted black...)

nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

nsenada84 said...

the residents are dead, i hope they die. they've lost there heart, they lost what made them great. Nsenads Law!.

they are getting old and dont care to know what makes music great these days. they will only bee known in a hundred years for their "old work"

selling the "CDs, dogtag, Bunny Boy shirt, eyeball shirt with one-man-show-crazy quote on the back, hat, bunny nose" only shows how they have gotten power and money hungry in these late years.

lets see you make music like the rest of us. no money, half broken computers, and cheap equipment.

dont ever forget Nsenada.

David said...

"I hope they die."

That's a bit harsh, don't you think? If you're not a fan of their more recent releases than so be it, but why take the time to whine about it here? Their "old" stuff was 30 years ago. Get over it.

And for the record, I think the Rez are at their peek now. Animal Lover, Tweedles, The Bunny Boy, etc. are arguably some of the best albums the Rez have ever done. If you really can't recognize the genius behind these records, then you should probably look for your music elsewhere.

Paulie said...

For a feller having a name like nsenada84, you sure don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Perhaps you could go back to 1982 and complain about their greed for power and money when they made the Santa Dog dog shirt, Ralph Records forehead thermometer, commemorative sponge, pizza pan holder, golf ball, etc...

They already DID make music with no money, half (or 3/4, or all) broken computers (or no computers), let alone cheap equipment - And to some extent, still do. Difference is, they have a lot of dedicated fans. And you?

That's what I thought.

Animal Lover is one of THE highlights of their career, and was just released three years ago. And since then, they've released Tweedles and Voice Of Midnight, both of which are staggering heights of composition - And now TBB, a project of which the scope is still an unknown - What feats of cultural calisthenics have you reached lately? Come on now, dazzle us with your earth-shaking "art," please, I dare you.

jose said...

hm, he called a heckler at the munich show an asshole, too. is that part of the show? it didn't seem like it..

Jozek said...

The London show was fantastic. The Residents started late (they missed the ferry), doors opened at 8:30 instead of 7:30. It was well worth the wait.

First half of the show, Bunny was singing under a blanket and a bit subdued. The second half he went crazy!

The Forum audience were great aswell and it seem The Residents responded well to it.

I think the best songs of the night were "Boxes" and "Fever Dreams", but like I said the whole show was fantastic.

Would love it if they came back again with The Bunny Boy.

tinno66uk said...

the london show was a wonderful experience, how great to see Bunny so full of energy and purpose. a highlight for me was when he complained that the Residents said that they would recreate his secret room; this turned out to be an assortment of toy bunnies on a camp bed. that made me laugh out loud! it was just a shame there were a few drunken hecklers, especially during the monologues. but a fantastic show nonetheless! more shows please, Bunny!

bignotetheory said...

I have seen every London show performed by The Residents over the yesrs, this being the 25th anniversary of the Mole Show at Hammersmith Odeon. I am sorry to say That I thought that the London 'Bunny Boy' show on 7th December was tired and lack-lustre compared with previous shows. It did not help that the band arrived very late and presumably rushed the set-up and sound checks - while the audience waited outside in the bitter cold. The stage looked cramped and had to be re-jigged during the intermission. There was too much talking and not enough music - what we heard was great, but no sooner had the band got going that it was interrupted by more talking and plot explanation. Surely there is a problem if a piece of performance art, such of this, needs so much explanation - don't The Residents have enough confidence in this material to let it stand on its own, without the need for continuous narration? I am pleased that I went, if only for continuity, but my nostalgia for the 13th Anniversary show and even Icky Flix got the better of me. The Residents are always interesting and I suppose that one should expect peaks and troughs in such a huge cannon of music and performance.

JCR said...

I was fortunate to see the last two shows of the tour, London and Pontevedra. And even though i enjoyed the London show very much I think the Pontevedra one was amazing. The quality of the sound was really incredible and, even though the show was exactly the same (except for the Jose Feliciano and the Dutchmen jokes) it felt a completely diferent experience.
Coming from Portugal I think the audience in Spain was amazing. People were really interested in the show and one could ear all the small sound nuances that we missed in the London show.
I've already seen the Residents 4 times but this time, for the first time, I felt it was like a farewell tour.

tinno66uk said...

JCR, did you notice any sort of camera set up at the Pontevedra show? as you say, if the sound quality was that good, it would be nice to think this show was captured for posterity. i wish i had been there!