Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fresh Tour Goods!

Yes indeedy folks...fresh off of the truck, we have POSTCARDS FROM PATMOS, Residents tour Zip Hoodies, Bunny Boy tour tees, special tour classic eyeball Bunny Boy tees, limited Residents for Presidents white tees and  there's not a whole lot of it.

Stop by to git the goods, bub!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Some fun tour pics...

Sent to me from my better half, who many of you have met at the merchandise stand in the last 2 weeks...

Being on the rock and roll road is truly the glamorous life...just revel in the rock and roll bedspread!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hopping from Santa Cruz

So we had a great turnout in Santa Cruz last night. The theater told us that it was the longest line for merchandise they'd ever seen. Also, Lorrie said all the customers were super nice, offering to bring water, change, etc...just all around good folk. So thanks for being patient and lovely people!

I was there watching rehearsals earlier, and I think you will all enjoy the show quite a bit. I wish I could've seen it with an audience, as I'm sure it was tons better with an enthused crowd.

Just before doors opened I walked my kids up and down the line to look at the funny costumes etc. They knew mom and dad had shirts with eyeballs, but had no idea that there were a bunch of other people who also had these shirts and wore them out in public. They got to see a bit of the show (in rehearsals), and my 3 year old has expressed in interest in going on stage in a bunny outfit (but only to sing Hank Hooper songs.)

Anyhow, so far it looks as if Postcards will be in DC in time for the beginning of the east coast tour. Whew! Enjoy the shows, and bring 5 friends with you...and encourage them to buy something!

PS - mystery boxes have been created for each night. Each night's box is different. Each box consists of 6-9 different items (not for sale as one item, but meant to be browsed thru). They are largely made up of things that we had in small supply, just sitting around the office, that we couldn't put on the site, as there weren't enough of them. Or they are experiments. Or we had a lot of them, and we're trying to be sure everyone knows about them. The Santa Cruz mystery box was sold out before the show started.