Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nibbling our fingers...

to the sticky tape, adhesive enveloped bone...werking on getting out yer Package deals!

A lot of folks just ordered Smell My Picture, and a lot of those are going out today and tomorrow. We only got 57 copies of both Eskimo and Duck Stab shipped to us so far (the joys of buying from a one stop instead of a direct distributor), and the rest of the copies should be here soon. They said they put in a rush order, so we'll let you know in this thread when the rest of them show up. Hopefully this week.

You see, the "one stop" just buys enough copies from the distributor (who has become big enough that small shops like ours can't buy direct from them anymore) that they anticipate will fill their orders. Even when when we give them a sizable order. Which we did, and now they are scrambling to get us enough copies.

The copies of Eskimo look like they got a severe shrink wrap treatment somewhere along the line. So hopefully once you open them up there is no damage, but the shrink wrap sort of pulled the spine around a bit, hard to explain and I don't have the digital camera here. Anyhow, they look like they'll be fine, but what a strange thing to do.

Okay, back to the stacks of orders....all that and I have a terrible cold. But don't worry, if I drip snot on yer package, it'll dry up by the time it reaches you. Taataa.

UPDATE: news today that the remainder of the Eskimo/DuckStab are shipping today (wed 28th) from SoCal, so should be to us by Friday.

UPDATE 2: By about 3:30 today we got the rest of our Eskimo/Duck Stab discs, and started packing like mad. But only a few got out the door with postage in time before the post office closed at 5. So Monday is looking like the day that the rest of the packages will ship out.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Did you steal our door sign?

Last week someone stole our "Astropitch" sign from our front door. Who would do such a thing and why? The big ugly unpainted blotch on the door is the spot where our sign once hung. It was a well hung sign. Is that why someone took it? sorry. Did you do it? Did you see who did it? The guy who made the sign is making a new one, for no charge, but really, why would you want our sign? Why didn't they take the West Alameda Business Assoc sign? Their sign was prettier.

BTW, the link for the package deal (including towel) will be coming down today after I count the weekend orders.)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Smell My Package

I'm experimenting to see if a lot of people are reading this before they get the email blast I'll do in the morning tomorrow. So all the orders we get tonight, I'll know were due to this blog post. Just me geekin' out about it. 

Anyhow, SMELL MY PICTURE! The presale hath begunith. And you can buy it in a package deal with the re-issues of ESKIMO and DUCK STAB, and this will be limited to 150 packages that will also get the bonus ESKIMO FISH TOWEL. Really. A towel. About 11"x18", with the retro Eskimo logo on it. Pretty cool, actually. Use it as a bar towel, golf towel, finger towel if you play violin or classical guitar, or maybe yer a surgeon and it'll come in handy. Anyhow, Residents friend, faithful and fickle, head on over to www.ralphamerica.com for the good poop.