Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nibbling our fingers...

to the sticky tape, adhesive enveloped bone...werking on getting out yer Package deals!

A lot of folks just ordered Smell My Picture, and a lot of those are going out today and tomorrow. We only got 57 copies of both Eskimo and Duck Stab shipped to us so far (the joys of buying from a one stop instead of a direct distributor), and the rest of the copies should be here soon. They said they put in a rush order, so we'll let you know in this thread when the rest of them show up. Hopefully this week.

You see, the "one stop" just buys enough copies from the distributor (who has become big enough that small shops like ours can't buy direct from them anymore) that they anticipate will fill their orders. Even when when we give them a sizable order. Which we did, and now they are scrambling to get us enough copies.

The copies of Eskimo look like they got a severe shrink wrap treatment somewhere along the line. So hopefully once you open them up there is no damage, but the shrink wrap sort of pulled the spine around a bit, hard to explain and I don't have the digital camera here. Anyhow, they look like they'll be fine, but what a strange thing to do.

Okay, back to the stacks of orders....all that and I have a terrible cold. But don't worry, if I drip snot on yer package, it'll dry up by the time it reaches you. Taataa.

UPDATE: news today that the remainder of the Eskimo/DuckStab are shipping today (wed 28th) from SoCal, so should be to us by Friday.

UPDATE 2: By about 3:30 today we got the rest of our Eskimo/Duck Stab discs, and started packing like mad. But only a few got out the door with postage in time before the post office closed at 5. So Monday is looking like the day that the rest of the packages will ship out.



Chris said...

You can send out my order later if other people are panting for one of the first 57 copies.

Unknown said...

Seems like there have to be some trouble when a new cd hits the streets... Cant wait to get mine, hope that any drips from your nose will be dry when it hits europe, and i really hope that the eyes themself will hit europe, because i dont wanna spend ½ a months pay to go see them in the states, mainly to avoid getting my iris scan put on file along with my fingerprints...

Renaldo said...

The shrink wrap thing also happens on my Eskimo CD shipped direct from Mute here in the UK - but the cover/booklet is fine and undamaged.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to my "package-deal". interested in what's inside!! maybe the 'snot' will be getting like a collectors item, who knows?? how long does it take for the package to reach Europe?? keep up the good work u all do, c ya

Bobwd said...

wtf ????? i just got my package deal. i was forewarned but i cant believe the way the spines on the 2 discs are broken. and the "made in holland" sticker on the cover of DUCK STAB is kind of salt in the wound. the fish towel and SMELL MY PICTURE are superb, but the damage done to ESKIMO is the proverbial moustache on the Mona Lisa. id have waited another couple months if the Rez did the right thing and sent them back to be redone at THEIR cost. thats all.... i feel better.

AB said...

Thanks hardworking packers. Look forward to receiving my package next week.

Paulie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everything is as beautiful as could be, thank you.

The "squished" Eskimos are no huge problem, The people manufacturing the covers for Mute CHANGED the design of the hardbacks to have some leeway where the spines are, and the shrink-wrap just mooshed them in a little - They are ok once they've gotten a chance to "relax" outside the shrink.

SMP is fantastic, it's essentially a full disk of RoC/Tweedles/VoM bonus tracks.

And the shirts, SUPER nice! I'm particularly enthralled w the Mr Skull shirt, is that a new screen? I seem to recall the old one being slightly different and maybe a tiny bit bigger? Whatever, I'm thrilled with what arrived here, thank you!

BUY OR DIE! Really.

Anonymous said...

hey there,

just wanted to mention i got my package-deal today. only got a e-mail on monday so that makes 5 days for it to reach Holland, great work u guys.

about the package itself, it all got here just fine. indeed pitty bout the shrink rap but one can live with that after listening to it's content. i must say it all looks fine, beautifull lay out and very good recording. it's a pearl in my collection. have to listen to SMP a few times more before i remember what is actualy on there, lol but after the first listen i'm allredy happy so that's always a good sign.

'Duck stab' and 'Eskimo' i allready had, both on vinyl as on cd, so no new tricks there. always a pleasure listening to 'Eskimo' on a shitty, raining day as it is today (but after seeing the package in the mail ...). gonna frame the towel so it preserves against time and an ever changing enviroment

i'd say tnx for the coöperation on delivering it as quick as u did and keep up the good work u all have my support. c ya Yvan

Unknown said...

Hello there Ralph gang.
I still havent received my "smell my picture" package, and you havent answered the mail i wrote about it about 2 days ago..
Life would be wonderful, if my SMP is in the mail soon, and the eyeballs comes across the Atlantic ocean!!!
Best wishes from the danish residents fan(atic)

Blackey said...

just an simple question about "The Sandman Waits" Disc I bought from a dubious seller - is this originally an CD or an CDr (with CD-Text for all titles) - just wanna know if I was cheatet

Blackey said...