Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tour Merchandise update


As many of you are aware, The Residents are soon embarking on The Bunny Boy Tour and your friendly Ralph representative will be on hand at all shows with lovely Residents items, for sale in the lobby (or in some cases, right there in the theater...NYC that's just weird). Anyhow, here's a list of what we will have (or plan to have, at least).

IN the USA: 3 different shirt designs, and one embroidered zip hoodie. We will have the Bunny Boy CD (MVD/SDR, the same one we sell online), Postcards from Patmos (instrumental music from The Bunny Boy internet series on 1 CD, packaged in a double digipak, with pocket, so you can house your BB cd and booklet all in this lovely package - not available in Santa Cruz as the covers won't be finished by then). A metal 'dog tag' with Residents art printed on one side, and a URL/download code for the intermission music that is played druing the shows. The Bunny Boy NOSE! Yes, you too can have a Bunny Boy plastic nose and whiskers for Halloween this year. The very same model worn in the internet series! There's talk of a mystery box...we'll see if it happens. Concept being that if we have time, we'll rummage thru the Ralph vaults, and create a small box of collectible stuff (a different one for each night of the US tour) that folks can browse thru to patch up their collection if they have any missing pieces, etc.

In Europe: 2 shirts and one embroidered zip hoodie. Mute's version of The Bunny Boy CD, Postcards from Patmos, the dog tag (see above), maybe the plastic nose (might be a difficult customs operation), and an embroidered skull cap. Possibly some other items, but nothing has been confirmed. No mystery boxes in europe though.

ABOUT POSTCARDS FROM PATMOS: Many of you are writing to see if you can get a copy online. The answer is MAYBE. PERHAPS. We are making 2000 copies, 1000 for sale on the US tour, and 1000 for sale in Europe. Whatever is leftover will be sold online. We anticipate that there will be some leftover. Considering that the US tour is much shorter and in smaller venues than europe, we think that there will be some left over.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Residents for Presidents, and MORE TOYS

Hey all -
new shirts in - Gary Panter's original RESIDENTS FOR PRESIDENTS design is available on a heather grey tee!

Also, we have got more of the Residents/Cerio designed toys back in stock, so stop by and git some whilst you can!!!

And, question of the day:

What is the most mysterious thing about the Bunny Boy videos so far?

[For those who don't know what I'm referring to, there is an internet event going on at residents.com, every M, W and Fri a new video is posted revealing the mysteries of The Bunny Boy.]