Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Bunny Breakdown

Here's the latest Bunny vid, if you haven't watched yet. 
Did you ever want to be a butcher?
How will this help Bunny find Harvey?
Is he just having a flashback?
Did Bunny make the model? Harvey? Someone else?
Is the butcher business even really related at all, or is it something Bunny found at a swap meet?

Feel free to post your correspondence with Bunny, if you've heard from him recently.


Citizensmurf said...

I'm not quite sure what kind of clues or information TBB is looking. Are we supposed to seek out hidden meanings from the videos or offer suggestions as to how the story should develop? Either way, I'm curious.

Ur-B said...

Emails I've received from the Bunny Boy can be read here:

Interesting reading...

Numb Erone said...

Well Smurf... I think we have a slight possibility to push the story in different directions.

Listen to the interviews with HFox - there he talks about those things. There's a like to the radio interviews over at RL Forum.


David said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Bunny chopped up some bunnies with that large butcher knife of his.

Also, Bunny once mentioned that he was teased as a child. His failed science project probably only added to the harassment.

Another random thought: When Bunny's teacher told him that "killing animals didn't have anything to do with science," the "Anatomia Del Conejo" picture immediately came to mind (it even appears on the cover of Postcards From Patmos).

Lastly, I've been wondering why Bunny's father is mentioned in the lyrics of "Butcher Shop." Could it be that Bunny is actually searching for his father?

Citizensmurf said...

I heard the radio show, and maybe my imagination isn't what it used to be, but I still don't see what they want from us. If this is some kind of mystery then it surely lives up to the cryptic name. That would have been a good idea, to have the River of Crime be an interactive 'murder mystery' Residents style.

I'm going to email bunny again and offer some kind of help. I already suggested he watch the Jimmy Stewart movie.

RalphAmerica said...

I don't know if this mystery has pieces of a puzzle that will solve the mystery of Harvey (kind of like, who killed Laura Palmer.) Or if Bunny really has no since of direction and is truly looking for some input.

Some people assume that because we work with the Residents, that we know what the "big plan" might be. We have no idea.

The idea that Bunny's father is involved is an interesting one.

If you are asking what it is the Residents want from us, I don't know if that's the right question. Just like in life, maybe it's best to participate, and then see what happens.

Numb Erone said...

Smurf and Ralph. I sent Bunny a few mails where I made up the story myself -- i.e. I said I had gotten a few amils from an anomymous source in Patmos. And on a few things Bunny actually 'went along'.

Reason I didn't post the emails on Forum or here is that Bunny asked me not to...