Tuesday, November 4, 2008




Michael said...


Phew, it's been a long time since I've said that out loud.

Paulie said...

"Brothers need to pull their pants up."

- Barack Obama, Nov 4, 2008


Stimie Stilton said...

Um Yeh, err Cool

residents said...

I did not really think it could happen (after that Bush guy i sorta lost my faith in the general American population), but it did!

SenzuriChampion said...


so glad I turned 18 in time to vote for him, haha.

lastangelman said...

GOOD NEWS: McCain/Palin didn't win
BAD NEWS: America is still as badly divided as it was in 2000.

... what's it going to take to get everyone on message?

Knygatin said...
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Knygatin said...

Are The Residents officially Democrats? If not, why is this Ralph blog used for political propaganda?

Is it Ralph's opinion that you should be a Democrat to listen to The Residents?

I just don't get why you mix in politics with The Residents. Because this IS an Official Residents blog to support them, isn't it? Or is it just an amateur fan blog?

Paulie said...

^ This is not an "official Residents blog," it's a Ralph America blog. Ralph America handles the Residents boutique goodies, but it is NOT owned or operated by The Residents (that we know of). The Residents have not declared any official allegiance, but if I had to guess, I'd probably guess that they're "Independents." But that's just a guess, I have no idea.

Big Brother, however, had mentioned on the Official (yes, official) Residents Blog (www.Residents.com) that he was supporting Obama this election.

Not me. Big whoop.

Settle down, feller. Feel free to start your very own Residents/fiercely apolitical blog, I'd sure stop by.

Knygatin said...

Great artists keep their heads above political discussions, at least in front of their audience. Because they know that the courses Life takes can be a lot more complicated than simply choosing halves like that.

Of course they can have opinions, speculate, and choose the political side they believe will be the best. But the very wise don't take an official cocksure stand for such arbitrary things.

Paulie said...

Luckily, the Residents never did that.