Monday, December 8, 2008

Where's Harvey?

Certainly, where is Harvey?

Below is the latest episode of The Bunny Boy, if you haven't seen it. Seems like things are getting a little weird for ol' Bunny.

Carson, will you help Bunny?

We hear the London show last night was a real good one, leave a comment if you were there.

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Unknown said...

Last night I turned insode out. Such clear... spilling of feelings and , what can I say? They performed excruciatingly, elusively, brightening that which is in between night and day. Bunny and two of the hooded band members with headlights (one a woman you will hear in a lot of albums) sang repetitiously, (finally a gig where I can get the words a little more easily). Sorry I don't know these songs well enough yet to comment on their comparison to the album. Part of the show was the replaying of videos at important plot points in the story. There is more to say here and about Sunday night which bottomed-out my backside.

A few old friends exclaimed suprise that Residents drew a crowd that lined-up in a giant snake that went beyond the entire block let alone all the way down the outside of the Forum, Kentish Town, London, UK. And we saw their bus arrive. WELCOME TO ENGLAND someone said cos our Beloved band had been delayed on the ferry, and also on the bus (sounds like a Bunny story to me. In an email to me he said something like {I never saw the cave, we went to Patmos but we didn't have time. I looked out the window as it rained. I'm upset from bummy]. After the first 2 songs he said how he knew we were waiting in the cold for them, and "I thought I'd never see my secret room again"). But alright our transport system is in a pitiful state might I add...There was word they may have to shorten their 2 1/2 hr set to 2 hrs, but apparently didn't have to in the end. It gave some of us more time for drinks at the pub-also a famous venue-the Bull and Gate (PJ Harvey started there), about 2 doors down, where Renaldo and friends took pictures and a bunny toy that looked alive and frustrated.
It was there I began feeling at home as clearly the Residents had pulled out the hidden creative types, as Molly Harvey once wrote - that they awaken dormant muses in people (paraphrased).
I am still in a trance induced by last night's performance(SOUL!). I'm going to see if there are any videos of it. There was a guy who quite consistently made it difficult for others to hear Bunny's words, for he was hollering the things he knew and had contemplated about Bunny, a follower who had seen 3 different Bunny Boy shows already. Bunny ears and all. I hope Bunny wasn't upset...

tinno66uk said...

this show was a work of art. the loud, drunken hecklers in the audience should have been ejected right away. i was far away from them but still was distracted. imagine being next to one of these people during the show! i hope Bunny and the Residents return soon for a continuation of this deeply mysterious story

Unknown said...

Sunday night's show was a magical experience and I would not have missed it for the world.

The Residents (and Bunny) were late due to missing the ferry from France so my friend and I sloped off for a pint and when we returned we were a lot further back in the queue, somewhere down the side of the Forum and along a side street. As I looked up at the venue, someone was looking back at us, taking pictures of the queue from a window. I couldn't tell from that distance if they were wearing rabbit ears...

As the band have been on the road for a while now they've had chance to really hone their playing of the songs. There wasn't a note out of place. Bunny was on fine form too.

Aside from the afore-mentioned drunks, one of whom I met at the merchandise stand claimed to be Harvey, the crowd were an eclectic bunch but rapt and very appreciative.

I got chatting to one young guy, who had grown up listening to his dad's Rez records as a boy, going to school humming Simple Song and the like. While I'd gone down to London for the weekend to see the gig my five year old son was singing Rabbit Habit and having added that to his repertoire of Constantinople et al. It would be nice to think that one day he'll have the opportunity to go and see the Residents himself. And if he does, I hope he won't mind his old man tagging along.

Nik Nimbus said...

The London Bunny show woz out of this world! Psychedelic extravaganza! Hilarious in places! Bunny's almost schizophrenic tendencies were unnerving & made me feel a lil sad for him. The CD makes so much more sense now & seems to have grown itself some extra sounds since I saw it live! The same happened with Wormwood & Demons..
Long live The Residents! Long live The Bunny Boy!

Anonymous said...

The show was well worth the rather lengthy wait out in the cold. I arrived a little early so i managed to get near the front of the rather huge queue that formed. Managed to slip right up to the front so most of the aforementioned drunks were behind me.

Overall an amazing show. Beautiful stage and use of lights and a fantastic performance from bunny and the band. The encore was beyond words. Without a doubt the best music event i've ever been to, and possibly it will remain the best.