Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd pressing of Icky Flix is here!

Boy, we've been slacking on the posts here...sorry.

The 2nd pressing of Icky Flix Live in Seattle is now available. Not a presale, they are sitting in boxes on our floor.

Same material as the first pressing, just a different cover. No hand numbers, but the back cover indicates that we made 350 copies of the 2nd pressing. So if you get one, yer only one of 350 to have one.

Okeedokee...http://ralphamerica.com is the place!

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Paulie said...

Buy or die, everyone! This is exactly the sort of thing that collectors clamor for, for years after the fact, so don't miss out! Only 350 made w this cover, so figure that's more rare than The Big Bubble on pink vinyl, more rare than either edition of 13th Anniversary Live in the USA, more rare than The Sandman Waits! Do NOT let this one slip by!