Thursday, March 27, 2008

The First Ralph Chron post

Okay, it's a really lame name for the blog. But it's 10:25 at night, and I'm still in the office and I'm not feeling so creative. Give me another name and if it's good, I'll use that instead. I'll have some questions coming up here for YOU, The Residents FAN. I figure there will be at least 13 of you that will stop by to look at this on a semi-regular basis (thanks Paulie, Goatboy, and the guy who set up the Residents forum). 

Anyhow, give me some better names for this site! Thanks. I have an important question related to the Mute re-issues coming out soon of Eskimo and Duck Stab. So stay tuned - 


siys said...

My name suggestion is Blog or Die!

lastangelman said...

Suggested Alternative Names for Blog:
1.)Horny Toad Field Recordings
2.)Imitation of Genesius
3.)The Ralph Reliquaries
4.)The Eyes of Hervé
5.)Ralph Sez ...
6.)Ralph 13
7.)The Ralph Records

Chris said...

I second "Blog or Die!"

fakeempire said...

Like them all. Here are some more I came up with:

Eye Told You
But Eye Said So
Eye Was Here
Let Your Fingerprinces Do The Talking
Crusin with Ruben and the Ralphettes

and my favorite

My Blog's Name is Nobody

Obscurica said...

My humble suggestion is "Ralph Mouth".

FunkeBoy said...

The Porcelain Telephone

(or The Porcelain Phone, whichever looks sexier.)

m.scheer said...

Oh come on now...

Santa Blog !!!

:( :) :O

ugoralph said...

A good idea. I miss the old days of Smelly Tongues and the Moles. I never quite got into the Giant Eyeballs though. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Unknown said...

My Blog name suggestions are:

Ralph's Ocular Opinions
Uncle Willies Eyeball Buddie's Blog
Eyeball to Eyeball
Genderless Judgements
Faceless Persuasions
The Curious Porcupine

T- said...

Still Legman Freud, nothing beats 'Holly Hobbie' (dressed in Anne Kline II) holding The Ten Commandments except a naked troll doll hanging out with the oblivion seekers.

I Doll Lies U
I Guess Genes
I Glass
Residents Eyes U

Enjoyed 'The Creep Show' if it was meant to be enjoyed. Made me uncomfortable, I didn't want to think any more, hope to end up in parts contained in some geeks scientists glass jar residing on their floor like a forgotten glazed $-nut. Geb's Gravity Lot!


sid said...

I like "Santa Blog".

acetboy said...

My suggestion for a new name is:

Ralph On This!

Captain Happy said...

Looks Like I am lucky 13!!
How about:
- Bleak Decrepit Broken Bones and Caustic Smells of Hell.


-News From Vileness Flats

Unknown said...

I say keep it simple. I'll probably always refer to it as "The Ralph Blog" no matter what you name it.

Anonymous said...

I really like Kevin's suggestions!!!!

I really like name of the the W.E.I.R.D. NewslettersL "Blue Newsbuds".

My OWN Residents Newsletter in the 80s that I made all my friend subscribe to, even though they didn't even listen to the eyeballed ones, was called "Buy or DIEgest". I made these for about 3 years straight, and they all went to people who had never really listened to them. I even sent mixtapes on the holidays of rare material. They really deserved to go to a weirdos home. =(

droogster said...

I think a play on the bayou would be appropriate:

1. Buy You!
2. The Swamp

And I really like, Santa Blog but it might confuse the kiddies.

eyemkent said...

Some beautiful and bizarre suggestions. But one eye pun was missing, and so...

"The Eyes Have It"

Slice of the Past said...

"Ralph's Puke Bucket"

Bub said...

I second "The Ralph Records".

Rick said...

Resident Blog.

"Fish R dumb, pluck an eye from one!"

Paulie said...

It's a blog, and it's instigated by Ralph America, "Ralph Blog" seems to be the shortest and most direct name, though not very creative. I tried to think of something songtitle-related but "The Angry Angablog" is pretty forced, and "Lottie the Human Blog" is a little too long, as is "My Blog Is So Behind..."

I liked "Santa Blog," but I *really* like "Ralph Mouth," esp. since DREN is the author here! (Two "Happy Days" references there...)

Paulie said...
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Unknown said...

Call it "Smelly Fingertips"

Unknown said...

or "Smelly Thoughts" or "Smelly THoughts for Ralph"

moptop66 said...

I'm also going for "Blog or die". Good pick SIYS !

Bon Pix said...

I like Blog or die!
and also Santa Blog (or Blogta dog?)
The Ralph Blog smells good too...

RalphAmerica said...

Hey, thanks for the comments so far - I have to admit that Ralph Mouth had me laughing out loud. Unfortunately I have too many episodes of Happy Days lodged in my grey matter. Maybe Ralph Mouth; The Ralph Blog. But there's been so many good ones. Santa Blog is real good too, but might confuse those, not in the know, that this is an xmas blog. And isn't that a strange concept?

RalphAmerica said...

Also liking the Ralph Records, Blog or Die, and Ralph on This (i like both meanings). But there are a lot of good ones...

Unknown said...

You should do a rotating banner, like BB does on the Bog. That way you can use all of them.

RastonWarriorRobot said...

Freak Speak
Questions Guaranteed to Shake You Up
Eye Screams

Creeptastic said...

Lots of great ideas, and I concur with the notion of having a rotating banner to allow the name to constantly change. More ideas:

The Census Blogger
This Blog Is Not Part Three Of The Mole Trilogy
Blog Stab
Blog Of The Mole
Occular Implants
Cast Your Ralph To The Wind
The Loneliest Ralpher
The Blogger Ralphs Alone

Stickmind said...

-Blog Yesyesyes Blog

or maybe

-Blog is Dead

droogster said...

I just thought of another great one, Cryptic Cesspool.

My cat likes,

Meow, meow, that's all he says?

hawkwind said...

Santa Blog is obvious and tasteless. i like it

lastangelman said...

Lotta good ones.
My faves:
Blog Or Die!
The Ralph Records
Ralph Mouth
Ralph on This

But then I thought of one more:


droogster said...

I have found a problem with this blog, I have to re-register each time, I use the same password each time, and each time it says that the password is wrong, my head is really beginning to hurt!!!!

Unknown said...

Maybe to simple, but all the others have been mentioned!
Eyeblog said...

All good ones were already taken, so I'll second these:

Blog or Die
Ralph Records

or just

Ralph Blog

Craig J. Clark said...

Another vote for "Ralph Mouth" here.

Kimba said...

I Like Blog or Die
but I do have one suggestion that another here hinted at. Since "Blog" is short for "weBLOG", I would vote for

U/We Blog!
U blog, We Blog, We all blog for uweblog?

Anyone that has heard of The R's has heard of UWEB or EWEWEB.

droogster said...

I have to admit, Kimba has the best name, Uweblog, it's brilliant.

By the way, I still have to re-enter my password each time I log on as it does not recognize my password, if this happens again, say goodbye to Droogster!!!

Unknown said...

I like "Blog or Die"
or "Ralph Blog"

my name suggestions are

"Blog me out" or
"The Big Ralph Bubble"

Unknown said...

Hi Droogster,

did you read this:

you have to set "remember me"

Unknown said...

Sorry droogster,

I tried it, but it does not remember me. I have to enter my password each time. Must be BUG.

my new suggestion is

"The Big Bug Blog"


Gary said...

my suggestions are as follows.
kickacat@ralph today
safety blog.

also, may i make a sort of request?
Is it possible to release a DVD of The 13th Anniversary Show?

Unknown said...

Goodbye, Droogster!

Unknown said...


Ralph mouth is good.

Unknown said...


Howski said...

I'm Sorry, But For All You So Called Happy Days Fans Out There:
The Characters Name Was "Ralph Malph" NOT "Ralph Mouth".
I Should Have Checked My E-Mail Earlier, Because "Santa Blog" Is By Far The Best Name. But, Happy Days Reference Aside, The Chosen Name Still Works For A Ralph Blog.

Anonymous said...

As far as suggestions for products go, I recently picked up the wormwood dvd, and it is exeptional. I did see the original at the fillmore. The residents realize their full power in live settings - wormwood, cube e, demons, etc. These are extraordinary works of art. So more dvds, please. How about a show based on edweena - not available?

Miles said...

I'm a little late to this party, but how about "On the Rz" or "The Rzervation"?