Saturday, March 29, 2008

Okay - Ralph Mouth it is...and comment on this problem...

Though there were a ton of great ones - as paulie points out, everyone will just call it "The Ralph Blog" maybe I'll rotate thru banners with alternate names.

First, I have no idea why some users have to keep signing in/registering. I've been logged in since I started this thing a couple of days ago, so I haven't experienced it. Though it sounds frustrating. Maybe be sure that "cookies" are turned on in your browser prefs...that is one guess. I hope that doesn't keep you away - 

SO, yer thoughts, please:

As most of you know, we at Ralph like to put together package deals for various new releases. Besides the new CD release, the package often includes a bonus CD, a tshirt, something of that ilk. As you also know, there are some fancy MUTE reissues coming out for both CLASSIC Residents releases, ESKIMO and DUCK STAB. 

Okay, these are really important releases, right? Not to be taken lightly. One could argue that these 2 releases helped most all of the modern music world form their opinion about The Residents. On the one hand, you have the short, catchy, humorous (but a little frightening) pop songs from Duck Stab and the longer, conceptual, experimental, serious work of Eskimo. 

Both of these have become iconic releases, pointed to again and again by modern music's most innovative artists (along side releases like Trout Mask Replica, Rain Dogs, Pet Sounds etc). Okay, you know all this shit. Now to the point.

Here at RalphAmerica, we'd like to do something to celebrate these reissues, as they're sure to be fab packages (Mute's lovely hard book covers are becoming legendary with the Rez Fan.) Here are some of the issues I'm thinking about, however:

1) UK/Europe release for these releases is end of April, and the N.America release is end of May. How f-up'd is that? This happened with Voice of Midnight, and it caused us ulcers, headaches and binge drinking.  You see, if we do a "presale" for you to get one or both of these releases, in a package with some other exclusive RalphGoodie, and you live in the UK/Europe, we'll be getting emails from you (probably not you, who is reading this, but you who are not), saying "I can buy this CD right down the street...but i Preordered it from you, why isn't it here yet?" Then we start feeling a bit, uh, like we're doing a lousy job. If it happens once, no big deal, but usually it's several emails a day.

2) As important as these releases are, I'd bet dollars to donuts, that ALL OF YOU have both of these in yer collection already. In fact, you probably have several versions of both. Does the release date matter to you? If it is on sale down the street from you, do you care if it's still a month away from arriving in yer mail box, (with an added goodie?) In other words, will there be the same anticipation to receive an Eskimo/Duck Stab package, as there was for Voice of Midnight? I'm guessing, no. But lemme know.

3) How many of you are going to buy these again? Like I say, the package will be tops, and they're definitely worth getting, but will you be more likely to pick these up if we have some sort of deal for you? If so, what kind of deal would be attractive to you? A new shirt? I wish there could be a bonus CD, but I don't think that'll happen. Other ideas? A special box to house these two releases? I'm just yappin' out my ass...ideas?

4) Carbon footprint: This has definitely crossed my mind, and I wonder if you think about it. I know some of you in Europe have written to me about this. When a disc is manufactured in the Netherlands (as all the Mute releases seem to be - or somewhere in Europe), then a bunch of them get shipped to the Caroline/EMI warehouse in the US (eventually...chugchug), then a bunch go to our one stop in California. Then we order from the one stop, and they come up in a UPS truck to us in a couple of days. Then we package a bunch of them into small envelopes, many of which head back to Europe again. Some end up just miles away from where it was manufactured. I've considered finding an outlet in Europe to handle the Europe orders, but for several complicated reasons, this turns out to be WAY more expensive for us.  Yes, it's more expensive for us to not import them here, and ship them out. No wonder everyone is downloading everything. Anyhow, do you have a creative solution to this? Maybe some way to send you the missing parts of the "ralph package" if you've shown you've purchased the 2 reissues elsewhere? Again...I'm yappin' out my ass.

It's a brave new music world, and all of us are struggling to keep up with these changes. So any ideas you may have are certainly listened to. Let us know what yer thinkin'. Yabberyabber.


Chris said...

I don't have to log in again, but I can only use my Gmail username, not my Blogger username (from back in the day before Google bought this place... yeah, I totally knew this band before they sold out).

Despite my near-complete (missing one item) Residents collection and poor financial situation, I do buy the new Mute releases, mostly for the new pictures and essay in the booklet. I read them then put them away. That said, I don't care when I get them. I usually wait until the next limited edition release comes out, then add the Mute titles to my order.

A special package would force me to buy (or, the alternative, die, which isn't fun at all). Not sure what I would want that to be, other than I don't especially like the box idea, or anything that puts these albums together conceptually (Duckstimo? I don't think so).

Carbon footprint is pretty smart thinking. Photo of yourself enjoying your new Mute release? Or a text field entry on the order form, with something like "enter the third word on page 6 of the booklet" to prove someone's bought the disc. Like any password, it cold be passed around, but I think we're a trustworthy bunch. We could also write a script that brings up a random page/word combination, which at least means someone has to know someone with a copy. Anyway, options abound.

Howski said...

1) "I can buy this CD right down the street...but I Preordered it from you, why isn't it here yet?"-

Who Cares? I Say "Order Direct", That Way You Don't Have To Worry If Your Local Record Shop Is Cool Enough To Get The Release You Want When You Want It. Be Patient And It Will Come!

2) I'd bet dollars to donuts, that ALL OF YOU have both of these in yer collection already.-

I Have Multiple Copies Of These Recordings In My "Complete" Residents Collection But, I Still Will Wait In Anticipation For These new Releases! Take As Long As You Need To Get It Right!

3) ...will you be more likely to pick these up if we have some sort of deal for you?-

Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times Yes! I Will Pre-Order These Releases!
As For The "Deal": Are There Any Other Unreleased Recordings From The Abandoned Eskimo Stage Show In The Vaults? That Would Make An Awesome Bonus CD.
A Shirt Of The Eskimo Cover Would Be Sweet!
As For A Special Box, How About A Nice Wooden Box (Like The One The Numbered Edition Of Roosevelt 2.0 Came In) With The Duck Stab Cover On The Top With Mr. Skull Super Imposed Over The Head Of The Mannequin And The Classic Eyeball Super Imposed Over The Head Of The Duck? And When You Slide The Top Off The Box, The CD's Are Resting In A Lining Of White Fur!!!!

4) Carbon footprint-

Sorry, It's Late And I Have No Idea How To Solve This Problem.

Paulie said...

I buy it all, regardless of whether or not I have the tunes, because I'm a nerd for variations. Other folks don't feel quite as strongly about it, but I have no doubt that an incentive to buy the remaster (besides the lux repackaging) would certainly help move copies. I think the presale extras in the past have been relatively successful (Tweedles shirt/nose, Comm shirt, AL shirt, and especially the VoM boner CD) in getting some capital in prior to release. That being said, a CD would be HIGHLY preferable to most, I do believe...

"Presale" doesn't necessarily have to mean that consumers get the item before others, if it's clearly (nee, abundantly) explained beforehand. Ok, ok, I know, people will bitch about it anyway, but at least there'll be something to point them to, to say "See? We told ya before you ordered!" though I know that doesn't solve much.

Like Howski said, BUYING DIRECT is where it's at, to keep money in the family. Case in point, I have Duck Stab and Eskimo. Even with no accompanying doodad, I'll be buying them again.

Oooh, doodads... Suddenly a Duck Stab letter opener pops to mind...

Unknown said...

Throw my vote in with preferring to buy direct from RA rather than from the local record shop.

I don't actually have physical copies of either Duck Stab or Eskimo (apart fromt the DVD) because I downloaded them from eMusic but I'm still willing to wait as I do have the music at least.

As for pre-ordering these if there's a special deal, I'm going to order them anyways but a special deal is always welcome. I'd like something I can put up on my wall as opposed to something I can wear. Don't let that stop you from making DS or Eskimo t-shirts though. I'll happily buy those separate.

By the way, I use my gmail account and never have to re-login in order to post.

Chris said...

I like Paulie's letter opener idea. Also, if you have enough left, toss in that sheet music from "Constantinople" and "Blue Rosebuds."

For Eskimo, perhaps some snow? It would end up being a water-stained, numbered card by the time it's delivered, but the idea is very classic Ralph.

RalphAmerica said...

Eskimo snow - great idea! "What, you didn't get the snow? It's totally in there...really! Save the packing materials in yer freezer." There aren't too many of those sheet musics for a package deal. Thanks for all the thoughts so far. As far as I know, there is nothing in the vaults leftover from Eskimo/Duck Stab, which is why I didn't think a bonus CD would be an option. We did do that cool Duck Stab shirt a few years back (the wrap around design). Would a simple shirt with the cover art be cool, or an updated version of that art?

Minos said...

An Arctic map signed by the Rez would be perfect. Also some feathers with blood on it. All together in a bag stamped "Music evidence"

Unknown said...

Oooh, I like the idea of a graphic based on an Arctic map. Maybe Poor Know Graphics alreay has something that can be printed up?

Instead of snow, how about a glassine envelope of arctic air?

And the Duck Stab letter opener is a top-notch idea.

Kimba said...

1.) As long as the music is not brand new, then I agree that there are no timing issues. The booklets are the real treasure for these two, and if I can't wait the month to read it, then I could always get another nother one from Mute right away.

2.) I don't have the music, but I have heard from some folks that these albums are pretty good, so I will definitely be getting a copy!

3.) I buy all of my new Residents stock from RalphAm no matter who else is selling it. Anyone that has dedicated as much of themselves to supporting The Residents as the fine folks at RalphAmerica gets every bit of support that I can give. (and I do not mean that at all as a suckup). If you do happen to do anything to make it special (which I hope you do), then that just guarantees that I will buy 4 of them.

I really would prefer the impossible, something that is a real Residents item, not a redeployed object, but I know that is tough and may be seen as unfair marketing from Mutes POV. If you are not allowed to manufacture and sell something that is really pourkneauxgraffique, then the next best thing would be the "relational" items as in the past... for DS, a letter opener, rubber duck, picture of a dog in a frame, special tee, strap-on duck nose (to go with Tweedles), etc.
Eskimo, is limitless: fish, jar of wind, walrus bladders, fur, whale blowhole, ear muffs, blanket, eyeball ice cube trays, all come to mind

#4.) YES! I have gotten greener with age. Please do set up a relay in Europe if possible. (though not relevant to me)

Erty906 said...

What about the original, non-remixed version of Duck Squad ? :D

Unknown said...

1. Does the release date matter? No, I can wait a month (I have 1,026 Rez songs to listen to in my iPod).

2. I will buy the re-releases again, being the collector that I am.

3. What kind of deal? I would like to receive some ephemera of sorts, perhaps an announcement, postcard with unusual, never seen Rez art. One or two extra tunes from the time period would be too cool for each album...

4. Going Green. It's the future and it is here. Downloading tunes may be the best way to save on the environment. I would miss the art...but that could be downloaded also, together with liner notes. Re-releases make sense when the music has been re-mastered. Hopefully, that will be the case here. But I can understand the point that younger audiences need to be introduced to the Rez's.

Radical Balloon Animal said...

Whether the blog name ends up as Ralph Mouth or not, what about 'Between the Eyes' or 'Behind the Eyes' - ? Ralph is merely an entity in front of the Eyeballs + Skull. If you think about it, Ralph Mouth is redundant.

Howski said...

I Love The Duck Stab Letter Opener Idea!

If The Extra Doodad Is A Shirt: A Tie-Die Version Of Either Cover Would Be Trippy!

Also, As Radical Balloon Animal Said, "Behind The Eyes" Is A Better Name For The Blog.

Or How About "Mr. Skull's Eye Socket"?

Howski said...

Just Had Another Thought...
How About Releasing "Duck Stab"(In The Original EP Track Order) And "Buster And Glen" As Two Mini CD's?

RalphAmerica said...

thanks for the thoughts so far - we may have some problems shipping letter openers internationally...I just always anticipate the worst when it comes to US postal policy. Almost any US foreign policy for that matter.

EuroRalph had done a 2 mini CD version of Duck Stab/Buster, plus we don't really want to repress that, since Mute is doing such a nice job of it here. Don't want to take away from sales of their lovely version.

I get the sense that maybe there are enough shirt choices right now, and that one can only have so many residents shirts. So maybe not a shirt deal...or maybe yes a shirt deal?

Paulie said...

Shirts are nice, but I do like for them to be something other than the straight album art, which is most usually the deal w RA. I think the postcard idea 9i's said was pretty cool, those "Land of Mystery" postcards that UWEB did were beautiful... I seem to recall a silkscreened postcard around the time of the Disfigured Night DVD, those were nicey-nice! In the meantime I'll just write "Duck Stab" on my letter opener and hide it from the proper authorities.

Unknown said...

Remove your carbon footprint by NOT including any special item in the deal. Some people, such as myself, only plan to get one of the two new releases, and I would much enjoy picking it up at a local store without feeling like I missed out on something at RA.

Save the environment. For re-releases such as these, don't pressure people to order online.

RalphAmerica said...

Thanks for the opinion, but carrying that idea thru to it's conclusion seems to be putting up the "Out of Business" sign for Ralph.

Kimba said...

I totally understand the convenience aspect of getting it locally (if you live in the UK), but I think most of us here are responding from a "support the people who support the band" take on it. Mute will still turn a profit off of Ralph America, albeit smaller. I am getting mine from RA because I get the stuff for a great price (maybe even w/schwag FOB!) and I get to put some Quanker$ towards good folks like Mute & RA, who support The Jocular Oculars... Just my two pesos...El León Blanco

Citizensmurf said...

I could care less about extras if they aren't music. Like most, I have the albums already, but will buy the Mute re-issues in time, usually with other stuff to save shipping. I would, however, pre-order something if the shipping to Canada wasn't so much. The ALi cd cost me half the price of the disc just to ship it. Is there no way to send things regular mail? I've brought this up before, but gotten no answers.

Oh, and if I haven't said it enough times, please for the love of god re-release the UWEB stuff. $100 for any of the cd's is normal for Ebay nowadays. That money could be going to Ralph.

GUMBa said...

I own several copies of these releases in their several formats and substrates and will most certainly purchase the Mute releases for the liners and because I'm an egotist concerning my musical tastes who can't help but put his best on display. However, I have followed goatie's modus of delaying purchasing of Mute releases until they can be bundled with something new. Further, I am easily cowed by extra goodies and, honestly, anything would do. Slap a top-hatted eyeball with "Official Product" on an otherwise plain piece of parchment and I'll be pleasured pink into precipitous pre-ordering. I love the t-shirts...I wear few other shirts when I'm not working. As to what they could display, I'll leave that up to the powers that be. I never would have thought I'd happily display four barely concealed phalluses on my chest but "they" (who, you?) made it so. I'm also compelled to add my voice to the cry for letter's practical.

Waiting for shipment doesn't bother me a bit and I always purchase directly from RA. I think, as has been said, a word of warning could likely go a long way though all efforts will always fail with the likes of some. Isn't that an old Blues trick, "Keep 'em waiting?"



Yes, it's true you have a few shirt options available, but the Duck Stab and Eskimo covers are simply classics.

I wear my eyeball shirt almost weekly because it is such an iconic image, people ask me about it constantly and I get to introduce them to the Residents.

It'd be the same way with a Duck Stab or Eskimo shirt. I would buy both! I cry myself to sleep each night that missed out on the DS shirts last time.

PS - What about LP sized posters of the cover to hang on your wall?

Unknown said...

I too would love some sort of a t-shirt deal. However, my walls are bare and it would be great to hang up some kind of DS or Eskimo poster (or both). said...

1.) See reply on 4.

2.) Dates aren't that important - goodies are. And if no VoM-like CD is avaliable, things like packaging, artwork might be a good thing to set a re-release apart.

3.) Relating to 2. Of course extras (t-shirt, signed pics and what not) will boost the will to buy. Personally I have a good reson for buying RA - supporting you and the Band.

4.) I don't know why (the complicated reasons) it's more expensive for you NOT to leave a stash behind in Europe for local distro. But what I will contribute is that IF there's a way to solve this, I'd be happy to aid in the distro in Europe. I've done this b4 and can do it again.

Btw, why is it EuroRalph can't do this?

All the best.

TK8103 said...

T shirts would be nice. How about "re-issues" of some classic Ts??
and while you're soliciting suggestions, how about teaming up with McFarlane or one of the other toy makers and getting us some Rez action figures?

Citizensmurf said...

I hope that is a joke. The last thing us record collecting nerds need is to cross-pollenate with the toy collecting nerds. And if you're both, god help you.

Creeptastic said...

I will NOT be purchasing either the "Duck Stab" or "Eskimo" reissues. I've already got the ESD CD's.

While this blog is frequented by the hardcore fans, many of whom will buy multiple copies, et cetera, I think it's important to realize that most Residents fans who already own the albums in some format will not be re-purchasing them.

If Ralph America is worried about selling product and making money, they need to offer material which people don't already have. "Live At The Fillmore '98" for example. Or "Oh Mummy, Oh Daddy '76". Or "Rusty Coathangers For The Doctor". Whatever works.

I purchased the BLU series because they featured unreleased material. I already had all the previously-released songs on their respective original discs. BLU #2 contains 11 minutes and 37 seconds of music which I did not own, and so I dropped $16.50 on the thing. Which is slightly ridiculous, but I wanted to hear the new tracks and support the Rez at the same time.

But I'm not going to buy the same album over and over. And neither will most other people.

RalphAmerica said...

catching up...thanks for all the comments everyone:

creeptastic - i know what you mean about most people not purchasing re-issues. I usually don't think there will be much interest, but I always, (and i really do mean ALWAYS), I always under order with these re-issues. My expectations are always low, and I'm always surprised at the interest. I ask about package dela possibilities cuz of the weight/importance that these two releases carry in the lexicon of (for lack of better phrase) popular music. No, that's not right. The weight these two releases carry in the art world. That's better.

c-smurf - shipping prices suck - we suck it up with postage/shipping costs, and barely break even on those costs. the UPS charges change constantly with the gas surcharges they tack on to regular charges, and the online tables that formulate pricing have a hard time keeping up. We get questions about shipping costs all the time, and the fact is that a lot of the huge retailers online actually lose money on shipping, or they have shipping centers, fully stocked, in all of the main parts of N. America and they cut great deals with their carriers because of the volume.

NumbErone - send an email to dren at ralphamerica dot com. we can talk further about it offlist.

a few years ago we actually had conversations with a company who wanted to do eyeball figurines. I think they were doing rocky horror figures, and were looking to expand. They might have done devo, or maybe just talked about it. I have a feeling that company went under when they realized that the underground music stones they were turning over weren't gonna produce much more than moss.

or maybe i dreamed that. no, i think it happened.

posters? really? no one ever wants posters. I mean, you guys that posted about it probably do, but whenever we've had posters it seems like they sit around forever. We only made around 150 or so of those Commercial Album screening party posters, which are super nice, (back in 04?) and I still have WAY too many of those hanging around. Stop by and buy a bunch for a wall paper project! In fact, I still have poster tubes that I bought in 04 to ship these in.

I know everyone has stuff they'd like to see show up as product ideas. That's the main reason I wanted to start this blog, was to see what the larger cross section was interested, so your opinions really help. To me, I think those vinyl reissues, especially the colored vinyl ones, were great, and I can't figure out why we still have so much of it around. To you, you might think that a Residents Duck Stab poster would sell like Paris Hilton porn...but it's not always the case. It's actually one of the things I find super fascinating about retail business. There's this strange gestalt that seems to have to happen - a tap into the customer collective unconscious - in order to produce a successful product. When it happens, it's almost magical, and I could see that getting addicting.

I mean, most of you would totally lay down $8.95 for a Residents eyeball action figure (maybe not c-smurf), but would 10,000 people do that?

RalphAmerica said...

and for the record (after just reading my last comment): Paris Hilton porn, to me, personally, sounds pretty revolting. I mean, maybe yer curious to click on that spam email that just pooped in the In Box (yes, pooped), and maybe you'll watch for a while. Maybe. In the same way you see Freddy Krueger pop up behind his victim, and you stick around to watch the kill before you change the channel.

Regardless, it would sell well...right? that was the point I was trying to make. i'd better go sleep finally.

Creeptastic said...

Well, I think we have our magical consumer goodie--- the "One Night In Paris:RMX" DVD produced by the Residents. Chilling soundtrack, stuttering, cut-up video segments bathed in blood-red filters, her dialogue and other oral talents slowed down to the point of sounding hideously inhuman... Reminiscent of Jelly Jack: "Sucking suction, sucking sections of my soul..."

I apologize in advance for this idea.

gunkldunk said...

A few people mentioned posters, but maybe to be more specific, if it were cost feasible to do some really sexy thick-stock, silk-screened type posters... ? I don't know how much that involves cost vs. blood-sweat-tears to screen them - but even if they were slop-assed "handmade" with imperfections - I think that would be cool and quite "frameworthy".

Unknown said...

If you want to sell more copies of Duck Stab, go the the offical Primus forum, and popularize it there. Every Primus fan (usually of a younger audience) will kill to get their hands on Les Claypool's favorite album.

And if that wasn't enough, these are people who have only heard of the Primus versions of Hello Skinny, Constantinople, and Sinister Exaggerator as well. In terms of selling more DS copies, the Primus forum is a gold mine.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if I really want to buy the new releases. But I bought so many releases in the past, I have them in any form (LP,LP,LP,LP,LP,LP,LP, CD,CD,CD,CD, 1 DVD ...)
each is different in its sound and visual art. Some are remastered and sounds better then before or they are remixed in 5.1 surround audio.

Anyway it is the music that is important for me. I like to collect the music of the Residents. Not only paper or T-shirts. Sometimes this is important too. Like first pressings in white vinyl and other things. You know what I mean.

Now you wanna sell 2 CD's in a new booklet(no question very nice and collectible). But the music is not new and well known.

And that's the point.

My idea is a special download for preorders.
Only if the fans (like me) preorder this two CD's they get a link to download some special exclusive Residents music.

Login is only possible for registered email-accounts or something like this... dunno!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue the Western world must re-discover.

Many people will buy the new products because they cannot do otherwise, most won't because the music is what matters to them and they might already have it. A few will because they love The Residents and want to support their work.

As a gift with the package, offer equivalent carbon offsetting, depending on the shipping location.

Paulie said...

Some folks will buy it. Some folks won't. I think the point here is to encourage people to buy it from Ralph America as opposed to some other outlet, and ALSO to give folks on the fence a reason to fall over onto the "ok I'll buy it again" side.

Just sayin'.

QWE said...

I saw a copy of Brumalia sell on ebay today for $130+.
Something to think about.

Minos said...

What about the release of the long missing Buster & Glen 7" EP with gatefold cover and lyrics. Just 200copies! It will be a smash hit!!!
Also it could be enclosed in a fresh egg envelope stamped "Picnic in the Jungle Delivery"

Minos said...

Well, being a Residents fun for over 20 years there are three things that I’m certain of about them: a) They have been deeply involved in psychotherapy b) They have a great sense of humor c) Elvis is one of them. Now, selling again the same product after 30 years as a re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release it might be a good idea for the Rez to get in the studio and create a cover of J.J. Cale’s “Same old blues”. The original Two Lips from the Animal Lover album could be a bonus track. On the cover Ralph can place an “E-Bayer Don’t pay more than $1” sticker! P.S. OK, ok, I admit it. I'll buy all these bloody cds anyway over and over again as long as they repackage them nicely. Bonus or not, this is as you know a matter of buy or death.

TK8103 said...

Admin, you regretting opening this can of worms yet?
If you're trying to get fans to purchase re-releases through Ralph, what about numbering, or possibly getting a number of signed copies? II would think the Cryptic guys might help out.
Back to action figures... there are a number of companies out there now that could do limited runs. I'm positive you could sell whatever you ordered. Posters and shirts are fun, but nothing would beet an eyeball buddy on your desk, in my opinion. There is a large enough market for action figures these days that you could probably end up attracting some new fans.
I'm just saying.

RalphAmerica said...

Sorry i haven't had time to comment on everything lately - been swamped. but thanks for all the comments - i don't regret it. it's pretty interesting, and helpful for the most part -

Unknown said...

7" vinyl release of buster and glen would be a nice bonus. It would also go well with the original release of duckstab in the shelf!

Bub said...

I am a Residents fan for whom the music is the important thing. I rarely buy re-issues because I already own it. My stereo (an wallet) aren't sophisticated enough to acknowledge the subtle differences with a remaster. I do buy T-shirts for the fashion-factor but I do have a hard time justifying the shipping cost to Canada for a piece of clothing. For me, it has to be new music. I bought Tweedles and VOM and ALI immediately but I'm still debating whether to get DS and Eskimo. If I already own them, I figure my money's better spent on the new Kaizers Orchestra CD. It's new!

Unknown said...

As much as I would love to buy it all, fiscal matters as a poor college student really put a cramp into my druthers. So I would not purchase these unless they come with some kind super bonus I'm going to have to think is essential. Yet, if the bonus is that fantastic I would hope it would be available individually without the cost of making a pre-purchase. (Heh, everything boils down to cost with me these days). T-Shirts make a nice throw-in bonus... especially if it is something a bit more creative than just slapping the cover of the album on the front of the shirt. I have that Duck Stab shirt from a few years ago which was pretty awesome--it was the cover, but it was big and wrapped around to the back of the shirt. Delightfully sinister. A good shirt would probably get me to pre-order. A mediocre one wouldn't.

Thinking outside the box a little-- a beer pint glass would be something I would kill for. On the "front side" (or as front as you can get on a cyclical object) could be the Residents logo. On the reverse side could be the four residents on the cover of Eskimo. That would be hot. I would do that in a heartbeat. Nothing would be better than drinking my favorite microbrew (Currently the Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA) out of a Residents pint glass!

Minos said...

Wow! I knew Elvis would like it!

QWE said...

I've noticed that almost every record store I know of has little to no Residents cds. My local one gets a few copies of all the new albums when they come out, but if someone who's looking to get into the Residents wants to go buy Duck Stab or Meet the Residents or The Commercial Album, they might be out of luck. For someone just looking for the musical content (and could care less about packaging, bonus stuff, etc), the Residents cds - especially from Ralphamerica - seem damn pricey.
I think the Residents need to be more concerned about making their music available to anyone who wants it at any time and less concerned about charging 3 arms and a leg for a special edition limited re-re-re-release.

Paulie said...

A thought here for y'all - MUTE is the label releasing Duck Stab and Eskimo. If Ralph were to re-release Duck Stab and/or Buster and Glen, that would be very non-contract-friendly. So there's not going to be a Ralph 7" of Buster and Glen, as good of a suggestion as it was, or a 2x3"CD which was already done by ER. The question pending is, what sort of other *additional* items would make you more inclined to by the MUTE reissues of these from Ralph America?

Personally, I like silkscreened things - Shirts, posters, etc. I'll be buying the reissues from RA regardless, but someing silkscreened would make me highly inclined to buy an extra!

Of course, if you REALLY want the 7" or 2x3"CD things, email MUTE and say so, and good luck doing it! Believe me, Ralph is going to be far more responsive.

Citizensmurf said...

You can still get the 2 X 3" CD's if you look around the net. Try Gemm.

Unknown said...


My tuppence worth on your points Mr Ralph:

So long as you spell out the meaning of ‘pre-sale’, it really shouldn't be a problem. And the release date not really too important for me to be honest. In any event, why not just buy it direct from Mute? Wouldn't the Residents get more or less the same cut?
Following on from that though, if all fans purchased direct from Mute or Ralph then its surely inevitable that that the few shops that do stock the Residents will cease to do so. OK, so there's less cut for Ralph and the Residents themselves, but are they not more likely to get bought by non hardcore fans? Or is the Residential thinking that the record shops are dying out now anyway, so why bother? It’s now been at least a couple of years since I purchased anything from a ‘traditional’ record shop.

In any event I suspect I won't be buying these again. I already have my (very) old vinyl and one of the previous CD re-issues. OK, so they'll have nice covers, which my other CD copies don't. But, and forgive me if I'm a tad cynical here, isn't there every chance that another 5 or 6 years time, someone else will be repressing with another flashy sleeve? The only thing that would ensure I buy them is by adding new material, preferably on a second CD. Or, in Eskimo's case, including the (previously issued) DVD. Unfortunately, from you previous comments that seems like wishful thinking. If there had been any quality out-takes I'm sure we'd have heard about them by now.
On the other hand, I would at least consider it if some nice non musical product. How about mouse mat, coffee mug or some sleeve artwork (not just a cheap poster, some thing that can be properly framed, maybe 12" sized like the original LPs).

As a general point, I'm happy to pay a reasonable price for Residents product, but perhaps you're over reliant on fans wishing to buy the same re-issue. Quality new material is what should sustain our interest and keep the money coming in.

As for carbon footprints etc, isn't this where EuroRalph comes in (or at least used to). Their website doesn't seem to have been updated for well over a year now - are they still in business?

Minos said...

I communicate again to support my idea about the 7” EP release of “Buster and Glen”. Hi Paulie, nice getting in touch with you again after a long time. I’m talking about the release of a missing link here and not about the vinyl itself. The release of this particular project ought to be by Ralph, not Ralph America, Euro Ralph or Mute. The labels have to be the old fashion ones, the paper sleeve equivalent of the “Duckstab” EP, sealed and with a Buster & Glen sticker. Even the songs might be in a different order alike the Duckstab 7” and the later LP editions. The project I had in mind would look like it was produced back in 1978 and had been forgotten by mistake in some dusty attic. I personally find the music of “Buster & Glen” much more interesting than of "Duckstab" and I still listen to it more often. Over the years the Duckstab title dominance over the two projects. Euro Ralph’s idea of the two separate 3” CDs was great but what is still missing is that feeling of the ‘78s original in your hands. I suppose Mute will have no problem with such a release which looks (and is) like a funny game of some kind (in between family) and not a money making thing. PS. We don’t have to fool ourselves. Those who gonna buy this stuff for fifth or sixth time are the people who deserve it. Us!

Anonymous said...

We all need a cane with the likeness of Mr. Skull on the head.

We're all gonna become elderlies one day...

Creeptastic said...

Hmmm, bonus extras designed for the senior set? How about a Ka-Liga Ka-Lostomy bag? Or hospital gowns emblazoned with the phrase, "Here I Come, Constantinople"? And I won't even go into detail about the "Teddy" themed adult diapers.

mantas68 said...

I've been a huge fan of The Residents since the very early 80's, when I discovered them on the old USA Network show, "Night Flight". I have enjoyed all of their works, but like a lot of us, I still prefer the 'Classic' period. I love the newer releases, but those older, classic albums have more or less fused with this listener's DNA - LOL. There is one thing about The Residents that's always ticked me off though: too many releases going in and out of print, and way, way too many high-priced limited edition releases. It gets really annoying to have to come up with the extra $$$ with very little notice for these releases. Does every other release have to be a limited edition? All I've ever cared about is the music, first and foremost, and I don't care what the collectable value of this stuff is. I would suggest that you figure out a way to sell your music via lossless digital download, and not the inferior sounding MP3s that are up on eMusic. IN the file sets, you could also include reproducitons of all artwork and info that came with the original release. This way the collectors can have what they want, and us folks who are just interested in hearing the music will be happy as well. I have nothing against the collectors, in fact, I applaud y'all for having as much interest in The Residents as I do. I can 100% guarantee you that offering lossles digital downloads of Resident's music will not harm the value of your collectable releases. I would love to buy until I die but I'm a family man on a workingman's budget - LOL. Can I at least be allowed the listening pleasure of this music???

mantas68 said...

I've been a huge fan of The Residents since the very early 80's, when I discovered them on the old USA Network show, "Night Flight". I have enjoyed all of their works, but like a lot of us, I still prefer the 'Classic' period. I love the newer releases, but those older, classic albums have more or less fused with this listener's DNA - LOL. There is one thing about The Residents that's always ticked me off though: too many releases going in and out of print, and way, way too many high-priced limited edition releases. It gets really annoying to have to come up with the extra $$$ with very little notice for these releases. Does every other release have to be a limited edition? All I've ever cared about is the music, first and foremost, and I don't care what the collectable value of this stuff is. I would suggest that you figure out a way to sell your music via lossless digital download, and not the inferior sounding MP3s that are up on eMusic. IN the file sets, you could also include reproducitons of all artwork and info that came with the original release. This way the collectors can have what they want, and us folks who are just interested in hearing the music will be happy as well. I have nothing against the collectors, in fact, I applaud y'all for having as much interest in The Residents as I do. I can 100% guarantee you that offering lossles digital downloads of Resident's music will not harm the value of your collectable releases. I would love to buy until I die but I'm a family man on a workingman's budget - LOL. Can I at least be allowed the listening pleasure of this music???

Fatguy said...

The sooner I can order the new re-releases, the sooner I can get my Mr. Skull shirt.
It's win/win!

signature said...

I want you to start Re-pressing vinyl. I'm sure I'm not only!

Anonymous said...

a 'Mole show' special would be nice

"The Mole show"
"Tunes of two cities"
"The big bubble"
and a dvd of the Mole show performed live

aarrgghhhh that would be nice

c ya

Anonymous said...

I believe I once read somewhere, when this blog started, that we Residents fans were encouraged to say what we would like to see officially re-released (next to the usual suspects The Warner Bros album and Baby Sex). I know the Residents don't consider those part of their history, so therefore we can forget about those. But what about the original soundtrack to the Vileness Fats movie? I don't know if they ever really finished that (probably not), but sure there must be more material in existence than 'Aircraft Damage'? May be an interesting dig...