Friday, June 26, 2009


Here's the new MOLESHOW DVD/CD package - it's quite swell.

This is limited to 400 pieces (only 350 made available for purchase), all numbered, each set comes with 12 postcards (5.5" x8.5") with backdrop drawings from the show (6 mole and 6 chub), a miniature shovel (digging not recommended), a chipboard digipak featuring a CD with the Australian radio special (70 minutes) and a single camera DVD of the uninterrupted live MOLESHOW, filmed at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco. All wrapped up in a printed, drawstring burlap bag.

The video quality is from a single VHS camera back in the early 80's, which is probably a notch or two (or three) under a flip video camera. Audience sound as well. So think of it as yer own lo-fi time travel accessory...peeking thru a rip in the fabric of time, thru a hole in the wall of the theater. So DO NOT expect a high production release - there's not even a menu, just push and play for the gritty Mole reality. The CD is a REAL gem, featuring music and interviews with the Cryptic Corp during the days of the 444 Grove St. warehouse just before the Moleshow tour. A lot of talk of how the 'music industry is changing' and that no one is buying music anymore...back in 1982.

If you are a low number subscriber, please choose that option after clicking the link to buy. AGAIN, this is a PRESALE, shipping by mid-July The discs are NOT cdr or dvdr, but standard replicated discs, if that is important to you.

oh, there's a new site design as well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd pressing of Icky Flix is here!

Boy, we've been slacking on the posts here...sorry.

The 2nd pressing of Icky Flix Live in Seattle is now available. Not a presale, they are sitting in boxes on our floor.

Same material as the first pressing, just a different cover. No hand numbers, but the back cover indicates that we made 350 copies of the 2nd pressing. So if you get one, yer only one of 350 to have one.

Okeedokee... is the place!

Friday, March 13, 2009

bunny's stuff on the way

Man, there's a bunch of this Bunny crap in our office, and it's a lot to go thru. But here's a pick of the first stack that went out yesterday. The pile was as high as me.

We should all of it out of here (provided it was paid for) by next week some time. However, this has sort of put us behind on printing all of the new Official Product tees/sweatshirts and kids shirts etc - they're coming though. And they really look nice...

anyhow...there's yer bunny update today on his ebay stuff.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bunny's items for sale on eBAY

So the Bunny video series started up again recently at and Bunny (or is it Roger?) needs to raise some money. So he asked us at Ralph to post his valuables on there. Check out some of the items...

So you can search eBay for "Residents Bunny Boy" and find all this stuff. There's about 60 items. Or search all items sold by seller RalphAmerica - so enjoy the bizarre mispelled descriptions of all these crazy collections.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trashing Not Available

here's a quick photo i took with my phone of the new Not Available print...

The zip hoodie looks nice too, but couldn't get a good photo with it. Or at least, I didn't spend enough time trying to get a good photo of it.

anyhow, these won't last long, but probably longer than the last items we had that lasted 4 days or so.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Buy or die...

Yup, those babies were just up fer 3 days folks. You spoke to us with yer wallets, and we'll try something new.

Thanks for the new ideas, keep them coming...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet the Residents tees and new ideas?

HI All
here's a photo of the new Meet the Residents tee, I think it looks quite nice. Rich black.

Besides tshirts (and new music, of course) what other items would YOU like to see Ralph carry?





mousepads (anyone use those anymore?)


polo shirts?

Any of yer ideas are welcome. Please, we don't really find a phrase such as "Well, I DON'T want you to make anymore of...." or "Well, I'll tell you what I DIDN'T like" cuz that won't be so helpful. And while we'd love to make a Residents Hockey jersey or Pez dispenser, we may not have the numbers to support such an item.

Thanks and be sure to stop by to pick up this new Meet the Residents tee, or Not Available tee - and they're both available on a nice hoody as well. AND we're throwing in free WHERE'S HARVEY bumper stickers in every order for these new shirts!

Happy New Year!